About Us

Al-Islam Group is a Non-profit socio-educational organization founded with the objective of facilitating the spread of accurate and authentic knowledge about ISLAM among the different nations of the world. Our aim is to work for proper understanding of ISLAM by all and to work to strengthen the moral and social fabric of the people of this world.

We envisage a universal society which is bound by mutual understanding and brotherhood and which is honored by the presence of ISLAM. We recognize and value the contributions that ISLAM and Muslims make to the world.

We look forward to a future where ISLAM is properly understood and respected by the people of the world and lends itself to the nourishment of their sprit and fulfills their quest for Peace, Harmony and Salvation.


To realize our vision we work for the enlightenment of Muslim & Non-Muslims. For this purpose we heavily rely upon the Published Literature on ISLAM by Renowned and Respected Authors from different parts of the World in Multiple Languages. We believe that the literature published on various aspects of ISLAM should be available to all the people of the world in desired languages at the press of a button. Our approach is to unravel the mystery of ISLAM and popularize it as a most Peaceful, Devout, Harmonious, set of teachings more as a codification of way of life of man as a creation of ALLAH (the Creator of man and all that is there in the Universe) than as a religion and means of Salvation. This is then with particular emphasis on such aspects as great social evils of modern day life like Immorality, Corruptions, Free Sexual Interaction, Destruction of the Institution of Marriage, Dissolution of the Concept of Family, the spread of AIDS and General Greed for Easy Money leading to further Frustration and Deprivation.